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She is eating very well!! And I took Ranibel to the vet yesterday, and they said she was very health. I feed her 4 times a day, and everything is fine. She loves to play with people and sleep on the couch in the living room. I also planning to send her to pet kindergarten in few weeks. I hope she will enjoy at the kindergarten. She is really adorable, and she loves people. she became a super star in my APT.
Charity Morgan, NC

I changed her name to Mimi. The name really fits her personality as she is the bell of the ball everywhere we travel. We’ve been on the train and bus and people take pics with their cell phones, one woman chased me in the grocery store just to pet her 🙂 The local pet store has been very helpful and she’s starting to use her wee pads!! I find she’s very smart and loves human contact and playtime. Thank you for all the help, information, and extremely professional packaging with her records. She arrived a little nervous but quickly warmed up as soon as we made contact.

Angela Huntington, NYC

Laura turned 1 yrs old. She tolerated the hat but loved the cake. She has been a great addition to our family. She is so cute, funny and smart. She has learned to open the back door to let herself back in. She is awesome. We just love her.

Thank You so much German Working-line Rottweilers

Jenny and Jake, CO

Hope this email finds you and your family well. Carine is doing great she is all potty trained and will sit by the back door when she needs to go out. She bites on everything especially people LOL we are working on that. She is so happy loves following us around the house. She LOVES bath time and all her toys and bones. She had her surgery today she was spayed. She is doing good so far she has ate and drank tonight and pottied so she should be back to normal running and playing by tomorrow. I have attached a couple pictures. She was weighed at the vet today before surgery and she weighed 29 lbs so she is doing good and growing fast.

Desire Duval, Montreal

(Month After) I took the puppy to the vet yesterday to have him check out and get his parvo shot. The vet. just happens to own a Rottweilers himself. He told me that the puppy comes from a good bloodline and was a very good looking puppy. So on that note, I just wanted to thank you very much again German Working-line Rottweilers.

Jonathan Williams, MA

We were looking to add to our family and we found this site on the Internet. These guys made us feel like we were part of their family. We have had Champ for nine months now and we still keep in contact with them to give updates and get any advice or help that is needed.

Melissa Cortez Garcia, NM

“Thank you soo much!!!!! Everyone is in love!”

Daniella RIchardson, AZ

We couldn’t be happier after we purchased Lucy from you. The whole process was very direct from start to finish without much time to put in. Lucy is exactly what we’ve been searching for some time now. Thanks so much.

Shaqura Mildred- Canada

Our sweet little girl is getting bigger and bigger by the day! We are so pleased with our new protector from you guys. 
Nathalie and Nathaniel Larson, RI

Blaze is an adorable combination of cute and ornery (in a fun, manageable way). He’s overall a very happy puppy. Our other puppies, Summer, quickly took him under her wing. Given the opportunity, he and Summer will have a blast running themselves in the yard until they are flat exhausted.

Catalina & George Finni, WA

It was a pleasure getting our first puppy for our new home. The sales associate was super helpful and made the process of getting our first new puppy a great experience. We are satisfied with everything and I urge anyone looking for a new puppy this is the place to come.

Hillary Butch, Quebec

We really loved the staff, super friendly and non-pressuring. Fell in love with a puppy but, we just had a baby lol we can’t take care of two babies. we would highly recommend this breeder to anyone finding a new friend.

Becky and Bradley Higgins, CA

GWLRs, Just a note to say that we all adore Milly who is now well and truly part of the family. The kids have so much fun with her playful nature and I find her company lovely. Thanks

Catalaya Garcia Gutierrez, OR

We have got Loki (22months) and Juno (8months) from these guys and couldn’t be more pleased. Their pups are bred to the proper Rottweiler standards, socialized early with children, and nurtured with health and loving care a priority. They keep their breeding lines clean by bringing their dogs in from Germany and they give you detailed info on care and training. Their onsite facilities are impressive and they are extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. The purchase price is very reasonable and they keep you updated with constant images and videos as the pups grow and mature.
Glenn Buckler, CA.

Our little girl has a TON of energy and she keeps all of us on our toes. She is the sweetest and most loving little girl ever and I love her so much. She has graduated from her first obedience class and we will be starting agility training in a couple of weeks.

Urel and Family, TX

Crosby is truly the best dog and we couldn’t be more pleased with his behavior or appearance. He is extremely playful, loves other dogs and babies and children. He loves riding in the car and meeting new people and dogs, and still lets us pick him up like a baby.

Annabella and Marksen Finlay, NY

A big thank you for breeding such wonderful addition to our family! We have had our baby Murphy for a week now and I can’t tell you enough how much we love him! He learned to sit on command by the 2nd day and is so eager to learn and please. Our Vet could not believe how mellow he is for such a young puppy

Elizabeth Buuth, FL

Good morning dear, Malishka is currently doing great and is growing as happy as possible. I’ve sent you some pictures by email so you can enjoy your baby as well. She is the sunshine of our days, she is always playing, giving us love, and making funny faces!!! My Regards,
Clarise Alfonso, MN

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